Easy English fact sheets for parents dealing with the child protection system. Advice from parents with experience.

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Who made the Bumpy Road?

Who helped with the project?

The parents
  • Alicia
  • Chaya
  • Joshua
  • Lisa
  • Margaret
  • Rebecca
  • Renee
  • Vanessa.

Messages from parents

I joined this project because I want to share my ideas.
I wanted to talk about Community Services.
I hope the website helps parents and gives them some ideas.
Its about support and how to have a happy and safe family.
I joined this project because I have a disability.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand the big words that Community Services and court uses.
I hope parents looking at this website do not feel alone.
The website will give you information about Child Protection and court.
If you don’t understand certain words ask for help.
We want parents to know they are not alone.
We hope you get good advice and tips from the website.
We hope the website gives you the knowledge to try and get your kids back into your care.
I took on this role because I want to help other parents.
I joined the project because I’m excited to work on a resource that we can tell other services about.
This website will benefit any parent with a disability.
It will give you a better understanding of what is involved and how to find information.
We made a website.
It is www.bumpyroad.org.au
There is lots of information for parents.
Parents said what information to write.
This information can help parents when they deal with Community Services and Childrens Court.
You can print the pages you want.
Look for this button near each fact sheet.
Look at our video called What is the Bumpy Road?
It will show you what is on our website.

Who else helped with the project?

The WASH House.
This is the Women’s and Activities Self Help House.
The Intellectual Disability Rights Service.
They are also called IDRS.
We got money from the
National Disability Insurance Agency.
It is also called the NDIA.
The money helped us do this project.
The University of Sydney helped.
They talked to the parents.
They checked parents were happy with things the project made.
We thank
  • Bug Communication.
    They did the website design.
  • Wavesoup.
    They made the videos.
  • Access Easy English.
    They helped The WASH House write the Easy English.
We have used images from
  • Mayer-Johnson
  • Picto-Selector.
The businesses said we can use their logos.
The NDIA said we must use their logo on this project.


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