Easy English fact sheets for parents dealing with the child protection system. Advice from parents with experience.

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Seeing my children

What I want to say to other parents:

You are not alone. There is help out there and you can talk to someone about it.
Try the best you can.

Community Services came into my life 19 years ago. There was a report made that I was not looking after my child properly.
Community Services gave me the choice of putting my child in foster care or something else (I can’t remember).
I went to the shops to get formula and to think about the choices I had to make. By the time I got home, Community Services had taken my child.
I have 6 beautiful kids who Community Services have taken at different stages of my life. This did not all happen at one time.

I was very upset and confused. I started to think I wasn’t a good parent.
I didn’t know where to get help.
My relationship ended when the children were taken.
I was all by myself.

When it is 'contact' time, I am so happy and excited. I can't wait to see them.
I see my children for 2 hours every second month. This used to be monthly.
We eat together, play together and spend quality time.
I ask them how school is going and what’s been happening. I try and show the contact worker that I can do it. I am a good parent.
Before and after contact, I ask myself how I can show the contact worker I am a good parent. I also think about if I have a done a good job during my time with my kids.

I wish it was easier to find services to help.
My goal is to get my licence, a more stable job so I can get my kids back and I’ll show court and everybody else that I am a great parent.
I can do it because I love my kids.

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