Easy English fact sheets for parents dealing with the child protection system. Advice from parents with experience.

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Stronger with support

What I want to say to other parents:

Always think positive.
Make sure you follow your care plan.
Never think negative, otherwise it will get you nowhere.
Be strong.

Community Services came into my life when my child was 11 years old.

My child told the school that she had been touched by my partner.
I did not know about this until she was taken from school by Community Services. I felt very shocked when they told me what happened.
Community Services asked me for a bag of clothes for my child. I tried to be calm.
My partner became angry and slammed his hand down on a desk.
There was a lot of paperwork. I stayed up all night reading it.
I had enough paperwork to fit in a shopping bag.
For some words I had to Google it to find out what it meant.
I was still in shock about what had happened to my child.

Community Services gave me a brochure for a women’s service in my local area. I went there for support and counselling.

I split with my partner.
I got help with housing, and my feelings. I went to groups.
The workers helped me make plans.

I met lots of different people in the parents group. Sometimes it was hard to come to group because I had court.

I would see my child every Monday afternoon. Then I went to court and they changed it to monthly visits. This made me very sad.

After 5 years, my child could spend school holidays with me.
Then I found my child was going to live with me!

I felt shocked and happy at the same time.
My life has changed a lot.

Not having my child with me was sad.
I had to start my life again as a parent without a child.
Even though my child was not with me, I always thought about my child.
I set up my child’s bedroom and bought presents when I could.

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