Easy English fact sheets for parents dealing with the child protection system. Advice from parents with experience.

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The anxious wait

What I want to say to other parents:

You have to address your problems and issues and fight for your rights and for your children.
Get as much support as you can. It can be family, friends or services.

Community Services came into my life because of a few things:

  1. My parenting: They thought I would not be able to keep my kids safe.
  2. Arguing around the kids: Sometimes my partner and I would fight.
    We both swore and yelled at each other, my kids could hear it. We would fight about money.
  3. Mental health: My partner was unwell and did not get support. I tried to support him but it made me very stressed and I wasn’t looking after myself
  4. Drug use: this caused our money problems to be even worse. It also caused an unhealthy relationship.

Community Services took my kids because of these reasons.
The police came to my house, it was overwhelming. I felt angry and helpless. Reality set in and I knew I could not fight it at the time.

When my kids were in care, they were living in lots of different hotels. This made my kids feel scared and unloved. Both of my kids have special needs. This broke my heart and made me work even harder.
I missed birthdays and outings.

They were in care for about 7 months and I had to learn how to keep my kids safe.

I did lots of parenting courses including Keeping Children Safe and Triple P.
I also did my own research so I could learn how to keep my kids safe.
I went to counselling. It was good to talk about things and get stuff off my chest.

I tried my hardest to stay calm and decided I was going to fight for my kids in court.

The judge said my kids could come back home. This was the happiest day of my life.

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