Easy English fact sheets for parents dealing with the child protection system. Advice from parents with experience.

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Legal help

Court can make you
  • feel scared
  • sick in the tummy.
This is OK.
It is hard to understand what is said in Court.
It is hard to know all the rules.
A lawyer can help you.
Other names for lawyers are
  • solicitor
  • legal advocate
  • barrister.
Lawyers know
  • about the law
  • how to help you in Court.
They will help you with
  • the hard words used in Court
  • what you need to do in Court.
Get a lawyer to help you.
Your child will have their own lawyer.
The other parent may have their own lawyer.
Your lawyer will
  • tell you what your legal rights are
  • help you be ready for Court
  • help you understand what is said in Court
  • talk for you in Court.
Your lawyer will
  • tell you your choices
  • tell you what each choice means for you.
More information
Find a lawyer.
Read our fact sheet
Get help. Who to call for
  • Lawyers
  • Advocacy.
The Ability Rights Centre made a fact sheet.
See IDRS website www.idrs.org.au
Read If your child has been taken away you need a lawyer!
This fact sheet is general information.
It may not be the same for you.
Talk to a lawyer about
  • your own child
  • your family.
This fact sheet was made by
  • The WASH House
  • The Ability Rights Centre. A service of IDRS
  • a Parent Advisory Group, 2020.
We have used images from
  • ChangePeople
  • Mayer-Johnson
  • Participics
  • Picto-Selector
Access Easy English helped The WASH House write the Easy English.
February 2020.


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